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UFO: Hitler’s Flying Saucers

I decided to ask Xrytspet© from Fanton in G10009845788899990766 about the German flying saucers they’ve been talking about on the History Channel.

Hack Writer: Xrytspet, what do you know about the German flying saucers of World War II.

Xrytspet: Junk!

Hack: They really had them?

Xrytspet: Yes. The flying saucers sponsored in Canada by your CIA copied their technology. Still junk.

Hack: I understand our government didn’t cancel the project. They just moved it down to the secure area near Los Vegas.

Xrytspet: True enough. Area 51. Very secret. I’ve been in there.

Hack: I heard the stealth bomber came out of that research.

Xrytspet: Did you?

Hack: So there really were flying saucers, people were seeing them, and the government was having a time trying to keep their military secrets.

Xrytspet: What’s for lunch, Taylor Jones, the hack writer? You've been in the FnL7 Time Craft. You know there are flying suacers.

Hack: Yes, but nobody sees the FnL7 Time Craft unless it's not moving. Even then, you have to make it visible.

Xrytspet: True enough, Taylor Jones, the hack writer.

Hack: Here I’ve been saying that the UFO guys are just in it for the money they get from their lectures and from their books.

Xrytspet: You’ve got that right.

Hack: But there were flying saucers.

Xrytspet: They didn’t know that.

Hack: Oh! I heard that at Area 51 some of those flying saucers developed terrific speed and altitude capabilities.

Xrytspet: Did you?

Hack: Xrytspet, you are exasperating. You never tell me nothing.

Xrytspet: Isn’t that what you call a double negative?

Hack: You were a consultant on that project weren’t you? The Government has you under a secrecy agreement.

Xrytspet: If that were true would I tell you?

Hack: Do they know about the FnL7 Time Craft?

Xrytspet: No and they are not going to know.

I went to to read about the the Schreiver-Habermohl Project(S). The aircraft either flew fast or slow, high or low, was of two designs and did not get into the war. The aircraft was unstable.

The History Channel report said that the Canadian saucers based on German design were unstable.

Perhaps that changed in Nevada at Area 51.

The object was an aircraft that could land or takeoff from anywhere, requiring no runway, capable of terrific speed and elevation; one that could leave the earth’s atmosphere, fly into space, and come down again where ever it wanted to.

If we have achieved that, the Government still is not telling us.

Neither is Xrytspet.

The End

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