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Hybrid Gadgets Make Great New Devices

George Carlin once said that if you nail two items together that have never been nailed together before, someone will buy it from you. Or at least he said something to that effect, and that's definitely the case with a lot of consumer electronic gadgets these days.

Fortunately though, the research and development departments of most electronics manufacturers don't function quite so haphazardly though. Most of the time, the gadgets that are combined together these ways are thoroughly thought out, practical, and definitely functional. One example of this type of gadget is a new type of TV made by Hitachi that has a digital video recorder built in. This is such a great idea, that the only problem with it is that it hasn't been thought of before. Basically these devices which use either Plasma screen displays or LCD screens come built into units along with two hundred and fifty gigabyte hard drives which can store dozens of hours of video recorded directly off of the TV signal. It's also possible to add removable hard drives with either eighty or one hundred and sixty gigabyte capacities.

One interesting thing to note is the fact that the hard drives, both internal and external, are proprietary hardware made by Hitachi, and as such, they come with anti piracy software preloaded to prevent illegal copies of recorded programs from being made. While this is a noble thing for Hitachi to include, we can imagine that it will only be a matter of time before some people create a hack to get around the anti piracy software and go ahead and make illegal copies of video anyway.

One thing about these new TV/DVR's from Hitachi that consumers will like though is that it makes getting digital video recording capability cheaper. After all, even though these gadgets are likely to be more expensive than either an HDTV set or a digital video recorder alone, they'll undoubtedly be cheaper than buying the two separate devices at the same time.

Along the same lines, consumers will also appreciate the fact that buying a Digital Video Recorder that's built into the HDTV set, will decrease the amount of clutter in their home entertainment centers by one device. After all, the number of set top boxes that people have in their home entertainment centers is getting to be a serious annoyance for them- as well as a serious source of "spaghetti" when it comes to all of the cables needed for all of those devices.Of course, the idea of combining HDTV sets with digital video recorders is just one of the many combinations of home entertainment center components that you can get in order to minimize clutter. For example, many TV service providers offer receivers with DVR's built in. It's also possible to get TV sets with DVD players and or VCR's built in. There are also combination DVD players and VCR's.

If you really want to consolidate your home entertainment center devices, you should consider a media center computer. These devices combine your home computer system with a DVR, a DVD player (and often the ability to burn recorded video onto DVD's), your receiver, and many systems will also serve as video gaming platforms as well.

Gadgets are much more useful when they're combined together to make new devices.

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